Introduction On Us

  • Ariesta Bali Farm is a name of a location near Bedugul Bali that plant and distribute vegetables & fruits for Bali community and where the company is born and start the business from an organic farm.
  • Ariesta Bali Farm is a trading company that based in Natural and Organic Agriculture products.
    We start in 2008, to help the farmer sell and distribute their own product to the local & international market.
  • We work with a lot of farmers all over Indonesia who produced the best product of natural and organic
    agriculture product such as Coconut Sugar, Cocoa, Cashew, Coffee, Vanilla and other products.
  • And up to now we still keep sourcing the best product which belong to local farmers who grow the commodities
    wildly, origin, natural and organic from all over Indonesia and deliver to you with a top notch quality.

About us

Your partner in Indonesia for organic & natural product.

Ariesta Bali Farm want to be your trusted partner to chose the best organic and natural product, sources,
produced and delivery with International Standards Quality.

Ariesta Bali Farm plant & provide organic and natural product from all over Indonesia

  Our Commitment.
– Create sustainable supply of natural and organic agriculture product.
– Farmers economic development
– Support and development local farmers group processing unit.  


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